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Discover Your Holiday Personality

Every holiday season brings with it tons of holiday personalities. Except for last year’s. As most of us were cooped up at home trying to stay safe, our unique traditions and personalities were forced to do the same.

But now that we’re back in full swing, we thought we could help start the celebrations with a holiday personality test made to help you bring out your true holiday self.

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A Sweater Soirée

So there you are, standing at the door of your first holiday party of the year when suddenly it hits you. As the host opens the door, you remember this is in fact an Ugly Sweater Soirée. Now, do you…

Tell the host ugly sweaters are thought to have caused the financial crisis of 2008
Uglify your sweater with a marker and a few string lights
the disputable playlist

As you cozy up by the fireplace, you spot your cousin asking the host if she can “turn this party up” with her “Holiday Bangers” playlist. Knowing your cousin’s adoration for the classics, do you…

Whip out your carol-cancelling headphones
Suggest eggnog shots every time you hear the word “merry”
feastin' festivities

Right as stomach growls seep into the party’s hubbub, you see your host take a deep breath before inviting everyone to dig into this year’s feast. Do you…

Bolt to the kitchen ‘cause holiday food is 80% of the reason you’re here
Sit it out after remembering what certain holiday foods do to your stomach
Presents & Predicaments

To account for last year’s pandemic-sized hiccup, this year, everyone’s getting a gift through a good old-fashioned white elephant. Do you…

Set up an interrogation room in the bathroom to check for clues of your highly requested weighted blanket
Donate your gift to charity and write it off your taxes
overthinking leftovers

Before the party wraps up, you notice a few guests stealthily leaving the scene with big plates of leftovers. Knowing there are only a couple plates left of tamales, do you…

Stir the pot with a semipolitical question while your partner commits the leftover heist of the century
Head for the door before the host forces you to take some home